St. Joseph Hospital Kagondo

Welcome to the website of the St. Joseph Hospital Kagondo. Through this website we would like to inform you about our hospital and our activities. Also we would like to inform you about the possibilities of an internship and ways to support our hospital and initiate development of the hospital.

The hospital is situated in the northwestern part of Tanzania, near the border with Uganda and on the shore of lake Victoria. The hospital was founded in 1912 and is currently part of Bukoba Catholic Diocese. The hospital is easily accessible from the main road which communicates Bukoba and Mwanza. Patients come from all over the region, but about two third come from Muleba district. The district covers an area of about 11.000 sq. kilometers. With a total population estimated at 500.000 people. Because of it’s location it is among the busiest hospitals in Muleba district. Annual admissions are about 3500 patients while annual outpatient contacts vary between 30.000 to 35.000 patients. Although a minor part of the costs are government funded,the hospital mainly depends on patient fees.

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The hospital has a capacity of 160 registered beds divided in four wards, respectively male, female, pediatrics and obstetrics. The hospital also provides its services through a diabetes and hypertension clinic, reproductive and child health (RCH) clinic, HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Clinic (CTC), outreach clinic, operating theater, physiotherapy department and an infusion unit. Around 100 people are employed by the hospital. Daily care is organized and guaranteed by the medical officer in charge, the hospital matron and the hospital administrator.

Dr.Deodatus E.Katunzi-The medical officer in charge-Appointed since 10th ,August 2018.

Childrens ward


With the outreach program we visit neighbouring villages to educate parents about children’s health, monitor their health and vaccinate them. Pregnant women can get medical aid and information about pregnancy and delivery. The villages are remote, not connected by public transport and on a walking distance of 2-3 hours from the hospital. These villages are sometimes difficult to reach, even by car.

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