The challenges are many but the following are few important challenges .If a friend,development partner,volunteer interested in assisting either of these can contact us -+255754756905 WhatsApp, or

1.Old, unpainted,non tired floor of the hospital buildings

2.Lacking of necesary medical diagnostic,and auxlliary equipment(Ultrasound,ECG/EKG machines,Patients monitor,Pulsoxometer, Dental chair and instruments)

3.Absence of altenative source of power(Solar power)

4.Asbestos thitched staff houses(increased risk of cancers)

5.Luck of funds for training staff(Doctors,Nurses,Technicians-Lab,Pharmacy,Dental and Optician).

6.Absense of mortuary

7.Absence of funds to top up the poor who can not pay hospital bills.

8.Absence of Hospital ambulance(the landcruser we have is very old).

9.Absence of special toilets for disabled patients in othopedic/orthotic department

10. Major extension of othopedic and othortic department.

These challenges not neccesarily be solved at once, if a challenge can be completed by a partner, he/she can do part of it.For instance painting: he/she can choose to assist say Maternity ward or male instead of entire hospital.We promise good supervision of the projects as it is for other implemented projects.We use locally available materials and personnels and in so doing the cost are minimised.

NEW IN 2022-JAN -24th

Dear friends the above challenges are still unsolved, though challenge no 3 is partly solved for the wards are with solar light, however the theatre and security light are not yet funded,if feel you would solve/ fund any, dont hesitate to communicate through mobile no.+255754756905,,