Friends of Kagondo Hospital

In the past years the hospital had a lot of visitors from the Netherlands. They still try to support the hospital in the best way the can. On way is to collect money for the hospital. The purpose of the money will be determined in collaboration with the hospital.

If you would like to help us support the hospital, a donation will be very welcome. 
Donations can be made on the following bank account: 661585948 on behalf of M.H. Braun qouting “Friends of Kagondo hospital”.

IBAN: NL89INGB0661585948 

In 2017 the money was spent on a new solar waterpump, we are now working on a new project proposal for a global grant of the Rotary Foundation. For more information on the latest project developments please check the Friends of Kagondo Hospital Facebook page.

We are grateful for new local development partner( has not allowed me to mention his name) who is assisting us currently to build the Students’ house, so the internship at Kagondo hospital will be proper from march 2020.We are also grateful for the Doctor who has decided to renovate 2 rooms in maternity ward. Dear readers with us “Nothing is little” you can assist with whatever you have,either through Friends of Kagondo or contact the hospital administration or the guardian diocese in Tanzania(Bukoba Catholic diocese).

some of the hospital friends from Italy,we are grateful for what they assisted the hospital to let patients be assisted accordingly.