You are very welcome to complete an internship in the friendly surrounding of our hospital. We have experience with medical students, but we also would like to welcome physiotherapy students and are interested if you think you have an internship which could be completed within our organization.

Medical students: We have the capacity to guide two medical students at the same time. We expect from you to have an active roll in the daily healthcare setting and to
be able to work independent under supervision in a ward. Besides that you are very welcome to assist surgery and to attend the polyclinics.

On March 2020 the capacity to guide medical students will increase to 3 students per intake since the students’ doctors/physiotherapy/Nurses house is being built. The important thing here is to communicate with either the Medical Officer in charge( or +255754756905WhatsApp, before planning to come so that the ABCs are known.

NEW: Dear readers from today 28th Jan 2020 all student doctors, student nurses and all other students who would like to do their internship at our hospital will communicate with Dr.Nathasja Van Leeweun and the copy be sent to medical officer incharge.She will inform you all the requirements for the internship and any other.Her email adress is : (+255769722202)send the copy to


Physiotherapy: The hospital is the only one in the region equipped with a physiotherapy department. A lot of patients are treated in this department and it plays an essential role in the post operative care of all the orthopedic patients who had surgery in the hospital. Specific ideas and further intentions can be best exchanged with the physiotherapist itself.

Housing: The hospital has limited accommodations on the hospital grounds. These are furnished and have access to running water and electricity. They are situated in the safe environment of the hospital and the village. Payment to cover the expenses is to be paid in advance.