Since 1963 the only source of water supply is provided through a borehole. Frequent breakdowns of the system have led to periods of water shortage in the past and by that a continuous supply for the future cannot be guaranteed. Consequently patients and staff needed to use unsafe water in the past.

Besides looking at the problem of the water pump the hospital would like to know if it is possible to create a better system, with a continuous water supply, using rainwater storage. To improve the hospital even more the research could have a wider scope looking at an integrated solution for waste, wastewater, energy solutions, compost, possibilities for agriculture around the hospital (which could be sold to families of patients). All this should lead to healthier situation for the patients and staff of the hospital and to lower running costs for the hospital. 


We would like to invite all other development partners,volunteers,individuals or any who would like to assist the hospital in anything since they are in need of Alternative source of electrical power, medical equipment,diagnostic machines,funds for upgrading and training new staff especially Laboratory, Pharmacy,Dental ,Doctors and Nurses. Moreover the hospital buildings are not in good condition,the floor needs tires for easy cleaning in so doing improve in infection prevention control, walls are rough and are in need of being painted.You are welcome,”Karibu”.Contact us for anything that you would like to assist.

Being the oldest hospital many people in Kagera region have been born in the hospital,we would like to invite other people with any history with Kagondo hospital to do any memorial activity. Dear readers if i give you an example: A doctor (has not allowed me to publicize his name) who was born at Kagondo has decided to renovate two rooms in maternity ward as a “thanks giving” .To him he has supported the hospital to let other people get services as it was for him. We would like to invite you all for the mentioned projects.

The following are regarded as projects:

1.Hospital buildings renovation

2.Installation of solar energy

3.Supporting hospital staff training

4.Topping up underfives,Pregnant women or poor who can not encur the full hospital bills

5.Hospital Ambulance

And many more.provided a person or a company volunteers to encur the cost fully or partially.

Added: Management committee is grateful for development partners for donation of funds for installation of solar power in the wards.We are also proud that Dr.Nathasja made it possible for she is the one who supervised the peoject.Solar energy is partly done because the installation has also to be done in Operating theatre which needs more funds.We would like to invite other development partners to fund Theatre and Security lights.

The equipment the hospital is in need are:

1.Ultrasound machines

2.EKG/ECG machines

3.Digital Xray

4.Dental Chairs

5.washing and Ironing machines

6.Patients’ monitors

7.Pulse oxometers

Doctors at Kagondo hospital using the donated portable ultrasound for the first time.
in a picture hospital managers,donor representative and the contractors during the supervision of ongoing Students’ house building.