Dr. Deodatus E. Katunzi – The Medical Officer In charge

“I am newly appointed medical officer in charge at St. Joseph Hospital Kagondo since 10th August 2018″. Qualifications: Diploma in Clinical medicine,Advanced diploma in Clinical medicine, degree in medicine(MD),Masters of science in Health service management. ” Letting things done as a overall hospital manager” is my ambition .Despite the managerial tasks i would like to see patients attended at our hospital enjoy the services provided by Drs,Nurses,paramedicals and medical attendants.

As it is for all other Faith Based organisations the challenges are many,however with development partners’ assistance we have managed to continue giving the services to poor community around the hospital. I would like to invite any NGOs, Governmental organisation or development partners to take part/assist/fund the activities that aim at helping the poor patients we serve. Contact us through email, copy to

Sr. Gaudentia Joseph – The Hospital Administrator

Sr. Anchilla Musigura – The Hospital Nursing Manager

Sr. Mechtilida Isisha – Hospital Accountant

CTC staf - Sister Immaculata en Cees Weel in the middle

The above picture is Sr Dr Immaculate and colleague in CTC previous days,for the time being
Mr Albogust Ruganuza is the
Head CTC, works as a Clinical Officer:

“I work since three years for the St. Joseph Hospital. My work and my motivation: supporting people with HIV. Give them back their strength and health by medication, care and education. It works! Some come in with a weight of 40 kilos and weigh 70 kilos a year later. They get their lives back, can return to work, which is a huge success.

At the CTC also work people who are HIV infected. Who can give information about the disease better than someone who suffers himself? The beauty is that they give our patients hope. They show them: I know what you’re going through, but look at me: I work, I’m healthy, I feel good. It is possible to lead a normal life with HIV. This method works very well!

In this hospital we need to have a certain stock with hospital supplies, a stock which we can rely on.
We also need more workspace. Now we are working in the surgery waiting rooms!”